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    Going deep
    Exploring and analyzing in depth – that’s where the winning strategy lives. We believe in a consumer behavior driven marketing strategies. We use hybrid instruments from social anthropology and marketing research as our research methodology. We have profound knowledge, experience and passion to create our own tools to dig deeper. A synthesis of economics, anthropology and the core consumer insight is our way to deep-minded strategy.
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    Thinking big
    “What if?” instead of “That’s it!” way of creative. We don’t stop where it seems to be enough. We dig deep, we rocket in the sky until a smallest detail opens up a new universe. We challenge our own creativity and gravity of brief every time. That’s our way to big, bigger, the biggest idea.
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    Acting fast
    Tomorrow is already yesterday. The world rotates with the speed of 465m/second – there is no time and no place for slow! Fast thinking and fast acting is such a must as brilliance in creativity. So we dare fulfil the most demanding and timeless briefs still keeping stability on this fast rotating planet and even faster developing world.
  • Full service advertising agency
  • Based in Riga
  • Working in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  • Specializes in technical design
  • Founded in year 2007