Galerija Centrs The World's Fashion Weeks campaign

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Fashion, just as the spring, cannot be stopped, and its latest trends can be enjoyed at the Galerija Centrs stores. Of course, it is a bit ironic that the Galerija Centrs World's Fashion Weeks campaign, which we developed already at the end of 2019, took place at a time when the ban on flights began to be enforced. But we believe that fashion is eternal and that the route to fashion Meccas will be open soon. When that happens, then the winners of the campaign's lottery will be able to use their prizes – flights to the world's fashion capitals. For the Galerija Centrs World's Fashion Weeks campaigns we created a design, for which the author of the sketches is an illustrator who is famous in the fashion industry Alīna Grinpauka, developed and organized a lottery, as well as generated activity on Instagram.--READ MORE--