Jaguar Land Rover

Opening of the New Jaguar Land Rover Dealership

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On 26 July, a new Jaguar Land Rover dealership, which is the biggest in the Baltics was opened at Kārļa Ulmaņa Gatve 70. The main theme of this exclusive event was Urban Senses, which event guests could enjoy by trying out the Tunnel of Senses, listening to performances and, of course, discovering Jaguar and Land Rovers outstanding models and the options available at the new dealership.

Bounce was responsible for developing the event concept, communication before the event, as well as coordination of the whole event. The event programme was complicated and full – coordination the movement of guests, speeches, video projections, performances and refreshments in collaboration with the Entresol restaurant. We were also responsible for communication with guests after the event so that that evenings moments would leave them with great memories. We too were left with pleasant memories and satisfaction with our work in organising and coordinating this special event.